Friday, 17 April 2015

Roll up, Roll on, Roll over

Roll up, see the clowns
Roll up, feel the frowns
Roll up, do the job
Roll up, lunch time jog

Mind your peas and cues
Eat your greens and never lose
Incessant, relentless days
Wake to fog, sleep to haze

Roll on, catching moss
Roll on, gathering loss
Roll on, spinning blind
Roll on, with human kind

Dance the dance
Dream the dream
Claw it in, don't voice the scream
The insane just know
The sane are obscene

Consume the life
Spit out the bones
Devour the hate
Ignore the moans

There, over there, 
The mantis slowly swivelled head
The bird flight in gold light
The bee, the flower leaning
The wave lapping sand gleaming
Shell crunching gull screaming
Forest green scent mulch
Wing flurry rodent scurry
Soft grass for dreaming

Roll over, open eyes
Roll over, perfect skies
Roll over, heart sublime
Roll over, its time...

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