Monday, 30 November 2015

I am God!

Now that will get a lot of you shouting blasphemy and heresy!
Jim's finally lost the plot! The devil's taken his soul!
But hear me out, it's just food for thought...

I am God!

I'm not A God
I'm not THE God

But I'm God, we are God, God is US!

Every infinitesimal part of me - every quantum "particle" of vibrating energy is an integral part of God. We are indivisible. There is nothing that is not God.
The "pool" of universal energy (and that many call universal consciousness) that all energy arises from, is God.

Each of us, the totally unique assembly of incomprehensibly complex energies, is God. We are all part of God. We can't be greater than, or less than God, or each other, because we are all of the same life force. There is only energy. All that we see and experience with our senses is nothing more than synchronised energy that our mind uses to create the illusion of the "world" around us (that is a scientific fact).

Every religion has the essence of this incredible truth hidden in its teachings and writings somewhere. Often it's so hidden by semantics, ritual, legalism, authoritarianism, power structures etc, that it's lost to all but a handful who care to see through the tangled mess.

Every religion has tried to create an external God that looks like themselves, and declared this shabby, fickle image to be the only true God.

We are ALL God - every single one of us! We are ALL made of, part of, inseparable from God.

I know there are a million arguments as to why this could not be so. I know that what we experience of human nature flies in the face of this idea.
But what if it IS true?
What if the only problem is we have simply forgotten who we are?
What if when we look in the eyes of another human we are looking into the eyes of God?
What if we take the time to consider this and all it's implications?
What if all the dreamers, peace keepers, mystics and gurus are right?

I AM God - think about it - I mean, really think about it. Think about the fact that the way you perceive everything now - every thought process running through your head - is nothing more than a paradigm slowly built from the day you were born!

It's possible, more than possible, that we ARE God, God is US.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Stranger to me

I am a stranger
I have walked so far that I...
Am a stranger
The years are still there
Still clear, mostly, as best I can tell
I can still feel them anyway
Like little scenes from a long movie
Playing over, out of sequence
So many of them

But it's all there is
The moments playing only on my screen
And suddenly I find myself
A stranger, in this moment

All I have left is now

And the only choice is
As if I had a choice
To let the scenes wash over me
And merge into pools of a life lived

Here I am
A stranger in my own life
I've never been me before
But still I'm here
This collection of fragmented thoughts
That stagger in and out of life

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Energy, Reality, Life, Love?

This is nothing more than one hypothesis in endless possibilities. It’s just a ramble, a thought, a way of perceiving. Nothing more. Take from it what you will.

This could be a story, myth, fact - or not - one day we may know for sure…

At some ancient trigger, quantum particles shifted state. They began to synchronise in new ways, their energy shifting frequencies, locking together, in ever greater complexity.

At some stage it became a focal point of fundamental energies, of the force that “is”, the “I am”, the “we are”, the universal. 

It became aware, not so much of itself, but of its intense focus of energy that existed within the greater sea. 

It grew at an astonishing rate, forming ever more complex structures that facilitated even greater growth. It began to create ways of maintaining structures, of storing energy/information about its environment. The energy/information had to be built into something meaningful and accessible, so it began to create a world “picture” within its own energies that gave structure and meaning to the vast amount of information it received. It then became truly self-aware.

The information had to be filtered however, narrowed down to what is relevant to its growth and stability, and then assembled into the “picture”. The picture grew ever more complex to the point where it couldn’t be aware of every part of it simultaneously, so it developed a system of prioritising and storing.

Within its environment were other self-aware focused energy fields like itself. These others radiated the same intense energies, but at completely unique frequencies, all incredibly complex. As they interacted with each other, the fields would shift and merge, synchronise and form synergistic harmonic partnerships.
But over time, some of the energy it received from its environment was at frequencies and amplitudes that clashed. There was “disharmony”, so it had to adjust its own systems to accommodate this energy/information. Much of this dissonant energy/information was stored at deeper levels so that the priority picture could be maintained, giving accurate meaning and processing to its environment.

Soon, however, the deeper, stored dissonant energies began to affect the higher synchronised energies that created the active picture, causing it to become distorted and to lose some of its ability to filter the information/energies in constructive ways, instead allowing them to actually alter the active picture.
This in turn altered the way it interacted with its environment, especially with the other self-aware focus points like itself, creating a system that constantly battled with maintaining its own integrity while interacting with everything in its environment. The active picture it had created to filter and process had become too destabilised and began to lose its ability to adapt, synchronise and merge with the energies around it.

This caused other focused energy fields to become even more dissonant and isolated, some creating intense barriers of energy to avoid any more disharmony. The self-awareness had to protect its internal energies to maintain integrity.

Some of their frequencies matched enough to allow “painless” synchronising. Others were far too different, and the effort to synchronise required deep reorganising of the stored energy/information that in turn affected the active picture and its ability to make any meaningful energy exchange with each other.
The focussed energy fields began to find others that emanated similar frequencies, rather than simply synchronising with all the others, and started to synchronise and strengthen amongst themselves. These groups formed tight fields of energy, but instead of allowing the other energies to shift and merge in gentle patterns of unity, their own unified intensity overpowered surrounding fields, causing them to either dramatically shift frequency and align, or experience disharmony and clashing of energy fields.

At times the disharmony was so intense that the radiating energy would affect countless others – distorting their pictures and corrupting their filtering and processing capabilities. The energy was so intense it would directly synchronise with the energy/information that had been stored deep in the “archives”. This further distorted the active picture creating a cycle of destructive disharmony.
But some of the focussed energy points were self-aware enough to see this cycle of destruction and distortion and the damage it was doing to their active picture. They began to adjust their filters, slowly, in way that allowed them to analyse any frequency and intensity without letting it affect their own energy integrity. They could actively choose to adjust their own fields in any way to either reject or synchronise. They found they had had complete control over all the information/energy processes, rather than letting the old filters simply add to the dissonance.

It was a simple process, to adjust, and see the disharmony as nothing more than a result of protection mechanisms. But it took time, to find the gentle flow of adjusting and synchronising again, the acceptance without barriers and the filters providing the most balanced perspective to the active picture.


We are nothing but energy. There is no matter, it’s all an illusion. Everything in the universe is simply energy – vibrating vortices, myriads of complex frequencies, harmonics, all drifting in and out of synchronisation, shaped by the universal consciousness that coalesces into focal points. The reality we experience is an image created by our minds, as determined by our senses and filters.

That’s it.

Everything else is subjective assumption – everything…

Live loved

Saturday, 21 November 2015

What to do about terror: Part 2

After my last blog I found that there is a very clear division between those who think that aggressive action is the only solution and those who think love is the only way forward.

The aggressive/pro-active side regard the love side as unrealistic dreamers at best, and at worst, welcoming the destruction of free, democratic society.

As I outlined in my last blog, I totally understand the pro-active aggressive stance, and acknowledge it's short term effectiveness.

Here's where I will challenge that, however, with every bit of energy I have. Violence ALWAYS breads violence. You cannot achieve peace with violence - ever. The peace that may be attained is only transitory, and history has proven this over and over and over.

The hippie movement slogan of "give peace a chance" was never accepted. Peace has never been given a chance. They said "love is all you need", but no one actually took the time to figure out how to love.

The hippies were prophets! They saw a power that could truly transform humanity but lacked the maturity to implement it. Many are now seeing this as the greatest truth that mankind can ever embrace. More powerful than any weapon of mass destruction. More life changing than any political system.

Love is the key. But so many fail to understand what love is and how to implement it in practical ways.

What is the one thing that every human being needs more than anything else? What is essential to the growth of every single child? What do we crave at the deepest possible level, even if we can't voice it or understand it?


Every terrorist, every "evil" person, everyone who inflicts acts of abuse, destruction and hate is lacking the experience of love! I think everyone would agree with that, but far too many say "so what!, we need to stop them and aggressive force and violence is the only way".

But here's the crunch - we've never actually tried to give them the love they so desperately need. We can do this on two levels - as nations and communities, and personally.

But this would involve humility. It would involve compassion and empathy - concepts that many of us refuse to exercise, simply because it requires us to put aside our agendas and actually listen to other people.

What would happen if we went to ISIS and all the other terrorists, with no agenda other than seeking to understand? What would happen if we were ready to accept the possibility that they may have genuine grievances against the west - that we actually had completely misunderstood them and they had genuine reason to hate us?

What if we recognised that they are reacting out of anger? That they are lost and broken, afraid and confused, that they can't see beyond their paradigms any better than we can?

If we take the lead, and extend the compassion, understanding and love they so desperately need would they act differently? Do WE have the guts to say "sorry, we haven't listened to you"? Can we honestly say "I understand why you are angry and view us as the enemy"?

It's time to get real. It's time to grow some balls and stop thinking like 5 year olds fighting over a toy. It's time to stop reacting. It's time to actually BE the mature people we claim to be. It's time to ignore the political agendas and talk heart to heart!

Love IS the most powerful thing in the universe, and when we realise that, everything will be different!

Friday, 20 November 2015

What to do about terror

The last few days, since the terrorist attacks in Paris, have seen a massive amount of divisive opinions over how to solve the problem.

There seem to be two camps on the issue, generally speaking. One involves more aggression, better defence, stricter controls, and a ruthless approach with the goal to obliterate ISIS and all Muslim terrorists. There is even a push to vilify Islam in it's entirety.

The other camp sees a bigger picture, where love wins.

The first response is very justifiable and I agree that it's the most logical approach, and could achieve very good short term results. It's a direct solution that confronts the immediate problem.

The second response is seen by most as a leftist, hippy dream that will make us all weak and easy takings for the Muslim's wanting to establish the Caliphate. In fact they see it as the ultimate weakness and the failure of all that western democracy has fought hard to establish based on christian morals.

History has shown us without a shadow of doubt that humanity learns nothing from history. We just go round in circles, doing the same things, expecting different results.

We rise up in righteous indignation when we are confronted by "evil", in whatever form that may take, and do battle for truth and justice, often in God's name (whoever that God may be).

But suppose there actually was a better way? What if we took the effort to step back and recognise that our responses are emotional reactions based on the circumstantial evidence in front of us? What if we were prepared to accept the possibility that we are reacting rather than clearly thinking? What if we stopped to look at history, and accept that repeating the same thing over and over is not just really dumb, but incredibly tragic beyond belief?!

The "still small voice" that christianity speaks of, is exactly that. It's in all of us. But it's "still" and "small", meaning that we have to step back from our emotional reactions, our anger, frustration, hatred and biases, to be able to hear it. We have to recognise that to find something deeper and lasting and life giving, requires us to let go enough to hear that part of us that is "still and small".

Even Jesus said, in no uncertain terms, "love your enemies, do good to those who hurt you". He was pretty big on it actually. He didn't add a "but", he just laid it on the line.

So its possible that we can achieve the peace we desperately crave without violence. In fact peace with violence is impossible, always has been and always will be. Sure, we can look at short term "victories" where violence solved an immediate problem, but the core issues never resolve. We refuse to accept that  love could be an ever better cure to our ills.

We refuse to accept that something as simple as love has any real power. But we have forgotten that we ALL are vulnerable, emotional beings. We are ALL complex creatures, full of fears and loves, passions and desires. We ALL love, we ALL long for acceptance, understanding, compassion and empathy. We ALL long to be understood at the deepest level.

Every single person ever created longs to be understood, to be heard and respected, to be treated with justice and compassion. And that includes terrorists and Muslims.

What would happen if we were prepared to recognise that simple fact and begin to act on it? What would happen if we actually extended love in all it's raw beauty, in all it's humility and unconditional acceptance of our humanity?

Are we prepared to try? Or are we too proud and arrogant? Are we simply going to repeat the never ending cycle of violence or finally realise that it's time we actually learned something from history?

We've never tried love! Now could be a great opportunity!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Love Killer

How christianity killed my ability to love

Now there's a provocative title for you!

Here's the story...

I've found an amazing guy who loves me to bits, just as I am. He's caring and romantic and, well that's not the real issue here.

The problem is me. You see, when I was young, my christian beliefs made it impossible for me to love someone. Sure I could love a woman, but being gay, this was rather a tall order. Of course I tried, and was married twice to amazing women, but them being women and me being gay, well, it was never going to work.

But there were a couple of guys I fell for, and one of them big time. My heart was bursting with love, not just physical, real love, passion, romance - everything they write about in Mills and Boon novels (not that I've ever read one).

I could never act on that love though. We could never be free to express it, because the church, the bible, christianity, religion, said it was sin. It said love between two guys was a sickness and God hated it.

So I shut it down, with every ounce of emotional strength I could muster. I then married my second wife, and together we did everything we could to live straight christian lives. I put all my energy into loving my wife. I learned how to do romantic things and to make love. I did my best, and believed that God would honour it and eventually make me straight.

But of course that never happened, and she died never being loved by me in the way we had hoped.

So now after four years I've found this guy and I'm scared, in a deep but subtle way. It's so hard to give myself to him. Even though I now know the christian view of sexuality is completely stuffed, its done its damage. The scar is deep and I have to now fight to undo the fear.

I find myself backing off, not wanting to talk, avoiding contact, not wanting to respond to his love (and I'm not talking about sex here) - because I've spent all my life suppressing that love, denying it, fighting it - so that now I'm finally free to enjoy real love, I find that the mechanisms of response are shut down.

Yes christianity - you did this! Some will say it was religion rather than christianity, but no. After living this for over 40 years, I can say without hesitation it was the very core principles of christian doctrines that killed love in me. "Religion" just made it worse!

Reparative therapy, done by one of the most deeply christian organisations, screwed the last drop of romantic love out of me, shut up my deepest emotions and crippled my heart.

Oh, I'm learning the depths of unconditional love for humanity, seeing God in all, in ways that are mind blowing. But to love another human with sensual love and romance, well, that's shut down.

I'm now on the journey of finding the keys to open it again. I have an amazing man who is helping for now, although that in itself is another complicated story.

It's slowly returning. I'm learning to give my heart again, bit by bit, seeing the places that have gone numb and allowing the blood of life to flow through them.

Christianity makes me angry. Religion even more so. But the God who I'm slowly discovering, the God who is Love - nothing more and nothing less - lifts me above that anger, as I let it. And sometimes that's a little hard!