Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Curse of Blessings

Bless you!
I've been so blessed!

God blessed me with a new xxxxx
You are such a blessing

Its part of every christian's vocabulary. We love to acknowledge that God has blessed us in some way. Its part of our attitude of thankfulness, a positive attitude, an acknowledgement of his special love for us...

But wait!

When we say God blesses us, we are implying there are times when He doesn't bless us! If we are constantly blessed then why the need to differentiate specific times and events?

How do we then define blessings? Is it something we get because we have been good, or faithful, or God was in a good mood, or He just felt sorry for us, or we needed a morale boost?

Do we realise that the ratio of good things vs bad things for christians and non-christians is the same? That they get "blessed" or not blessed exactly the same as we do? If you get that parking spot when you are in a rush are you blessed, but the atheist in the car next to you also got a park at the same time! So he was blessed as well. So are all good things to ALL people blessings? Are all bad things then curses? Is there a middle ground? Are we just not as blessed sometimes, or don't see the hidden blessing, or have we been bad in some way so we either get a curse (just a little one if it wasn't tooo bad), or just lost a bit of faith.

Ah! hang on, it must be a lack of faith that we don't get blessed all the time! But then there are so many times we are so full of faith we feel like we will explode and shit happens! No, can't be that!

Well, could it be that we have taken something from an old arrangement with the Jews, that was never meant for us anyway, and tried to build some sort of behaviour scale into our relationship with God? Could it be that to even think in terms of blessings (or curses) is such a curse in itself that we completely miss the whole deal with God in the first place?

We aren't blessed, or cursed... We just ARE! Its not about getting rewards or punishment, or hoping God will feel sorry for us today and make things good! This is really a sick twisting of the very nature of God and our relationship with Him.

He loves us! The only promise we have really, is that everything will work together for good - at some point - in the end. Meanwhile, we live in a world full of crap and sunshine, good and bad, love and hate. We get endlessly hung up about getting healed, about getting our finances met, about getting the perfect relationship, about getting THE BLESSINGS! We create doctrines from twisted scriptures, build expectations and performance driven faith, just so we get blessings to "prove" to the world that God loves us - that if you become a christian, you too will blessed! WTF!! Sick!

Its all about love! Its about relationship, its about lovers (us and God) who hold each other while the ship is sinking, who kiss while the guns rage, who cling to each other when the tsunami hits. Its about not being concerned by whether something is good or a blessing. We just ARE - with Him, one with Him, loved unconditionally - nothing to do with good or bad things happening to us. Its being in love with someone through the worst crap and the greatest joy. ITS RELATIONSHIP!

To even think in terms of blessings is to adopt an old, out of date covenant meant for some other race totally unrelated to us - completely irrelevant to us. We walk in unconditional love now.

Thats it folks!