Friday, 11 January 2013

Daily Things

Things - daily things
Oh the washing, facing the tormenting of grey drops
The webs in the corner of bustling long legs, they can have their lunch today
   and tomorrow, as I pass them by...
Dust bunnies bouncing in windy corners - waiting
   Yeah, I see you...

Daily unravelling, a preoccupation with what is and what was
Piecing together what will be -
Do the dreams of expectations past fill the cracks of today?
Will that childhood vision be remade?
Will integrity crack and break the other life
   The other life that tried, that wanted to be shaped
      Shaped by better dreams, other dreams, alien dreams

Things - important things
Oh the mundane, fighting for reality
Webs in corners, forgotten youth's revelation
   that first flush of spirit wrapping warm arms around dreams of flight
The long slow walk from freedom to the new man
   Yeah, I see you - now

When the dust has settled, the expectation gone
When the tired heart lets go -
Do the dreams of the future fulfill past achings
Will the honest heart find honesty
Will life crack through Pharisee bones
   To find new shapes, new dreams
      Familiar dreams, childhood dreams?

Washing and dust bunnies, grey drops and webs
Backdrop the spotlight of hope