Saturday, 31 March 2012

Jimz Mission Statement

Thought I should put together a little sort of Mission Statement thingy. Just to lay out where I'm at and why am I even bothering to ramble on with all this stuff.

Basically, I've been on a long complicated journey through life. 40 years of it as a Christian. God has taken me on a wild ride through the best and the worst. For some reason, for what its worth, I really feel He wants me to share that publicly, to be transparent with my dreams, failures, love and disappointments. To allow others to see the good and the bad, and what God is doing in me and how he does it.

He seems to have given me the "grace" to do this. And if I stuff up and get into trouble, well, its all part of it! I have passions that come and go, revelations, victories, stupid ideas, good ideas - like most of us I guess! If all of this can be of help in any way to others on their journey then I think that's what God wants this for. And if I learn something from it, all the better. Hmm, maybe its all just for my benefit?!

Sometimes I will get all excited about a new "revelation" and assume the rest of the world needs this as much as I do, so forgive me if I get too in your face. Sometimes I've had enough and have to stop to think about stuff. But even then I like to post those ponderings.

I welcome comments, I'm no expert in anything really. Dabble in lots of things, a bit of music, teaching, training systems design, counselling, anything that gets me into trouble really. So I love to interact, learn and pass it on. Feel free to engage, I can take the flack - I dish it out so I'm prepared to get it back!

Most importantly, its my absolute heart's desire to communicate how awesome it is to find my identity in the love of Father, to express the incredible implications of what Jesus has done for all of mankind, to live loved and pour that love out - Love each other as I have loved you (Jesus said that!). He loved me first, and keeps on loving and loving and then I just love the rest of you - how selfish is that! But it doesn't get any better, and thats what He said - who am I to argue!!