Friday, 9 March 2012

From Jesus with Love

A wonderful prophetic thingy from my old friend Ruth Harris

I became who you are
uniting myself with you, to save you
I continually transform your body into mine.
I am your atonement, incarnate in you
I am now in my body in heaven, presenting you to father.
Now your dust sits on the throne.
I have taken you with me
I am Jesus who rose into heaven
all knowledge of god is found in me
I took you to myself in union with the holy spirit
I abide in you, living each moment of your life
I bind myself to you living your brokenness and lostness and healing you from within by exchanging your humanness with myself. I live your life with you, in you and around you. Cleansing it and offering it to father, being your obedience, doing for you, what you cannot do on your own.

Inside your humanity I live the relationship of love and intimacy that I have with my father from all eternity
I am deeply abiding inside you forever.
I redeem your whole life past, present and future. I present your cause before the father. I take up your prayers, consecrate and purify them and present them for you to the father. Father who delights to answer me, answers you. In my name and through my body and blood you are redeemed.

I exchange me for you. Trade me your sin and I will trade you my holiness. Trade me your anxiety and I will give you my peace. Trade me your doubt and will give you my faith on your behalf. Trade me your disease and I will give you my health. I ask for what is yours and take it to myself, I drink it as the cup of wrath on your behalf and give it back to you as grace, wholeness and healing. I trade my life for your sin and brokenness. This is what love is and does.

And if you partake in me you can experience intimacy with father too. Your standing with god in not in your own strength but in me. All that is mine is ours. I am your true, dependable advocate

i came to make my blessings known far beyond the depth of the curse that came upon you. I remake your humanity. Father chose you, I found you, I carry you to the throne and stay there holding you and presenting your cause.

You are seated with me and father guided by the holy spirit. We are one. I in my father, you in me, my father and I are one, so you are one too.