Thursday, 2 February 2012


What does our relationship with God look like? I mean, in reality, real life, day to day stuff.

How do we "do" relationship? If I want a relationship with another person I don't read books about them, although that helps me understand them a little. And I wouldn't meet them and just sit there expecting them to just talk to me, tell me what to do and how to run my life. Neither would I just talk to them endlessly without listening.

I'd talk and expect a reply. I'd expect to have intelligent, understandable conversations. We would share our hearts with each other and as our relationship developed we would trust each other more and more with our "secrets". We would be supportive of each other and never assume our love and respect wasn't mutual.

We wouldn't be afraid to speak our minds, knowing that we would never ever intentionally hurt each other, and always be willing to forgive.

Does my relationship with God look like this? If it doesn't, is it a relationship? Are we just acquaintances who just say hello occasionally? Am I in a grovelling co-dependant one sided relationship with Him?

He speaks to us, yes, voices in the head/crazy person stuff. We have conversations with Him - real live two way conversations. And we can trust those conversations. Holy Spirit is in us - the fullness of the trinity is in us now in all his glory, waiting to have interesting conversations about our thoughts and feelings, fears and anger, anything and everything. He is our best friend and intimate lover (yes men, as hard as that may seem he wants that kind of intimacy!). Our daily boring little lives are never boring to Him. He is so happy to chat away any time, anywhere, or give us a bit of space, butt in at awkward moments, laugh at us, laugh with us, cry with us.

Anything we expect in a human relationship, He will be there in a way that is perfect, beyond anything another human can offer. Its that real and that incredible. We can totally trust our recreated spirit in union with His spirit! Its done and finished - we just have to stop and take the time to build the relationship. Listen, talk, respond, relax, be natural. It doesn't get any better than this!