Saturday, 11 February 2012

Human Understanding?

Been a lot of discussion about Gods love and justice and how we understand it lately. I think this is probably because a lot of the arguments around UR and Penal Substitution delve more into our understanding of Gods character, rather than just trying to interpret scripture.

Generally, a lot of people are saying we can't apply human standards/understanding of justice or love to God. Nor can we apply human emotion, reason or logic to the way we think God should sort things out.

I have a big problem with that concept though. He put in ALL mankind an innate understanding of unconditional love and justice. Sure it gets twisted up with our un-renewed thoughts, but deep down we all just know pure love and true justice, its what it means to be created in his image. When we resort to saying his ways are higher than ours its usually based on Isaiah 55, which is actually talking about God accomplishing his will, how that fits together and how the logistics of all that is way beyond our understanding. Its nothing to do with his character being beyond our understanding.

In fact its quite the opposite when we look at scripture as a whole. He makes his heart's desires very clear. He gives us clear indicators of what love looks like, of what justice looks like, and calls us to aim for the same standards.

So when I think about my heart for the lost, knowing that I am in union with the triune God, and Holy spirit in me will lead me into all truth, I can be confident that my logic, reasoning, compassion, mercy, intelligence etc are all essential to understanding Gods ways, that scripture will be honoured and Jesus will be glorified. God created me with all these things and sent Jesus to redeem them.

So I HAVE to read scripture with my heart and my head, I have to feel his heart for His creation and not bow down to clinical biblical fundamentalism, otherwise I'm just another Pharisee.