Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fruit of Life

Age defies, grows and dies
Love, deep - a lake of longing
  Smooth, calm, drifting, sparkling
The heart's seasons ebb and flow
  Cycles of passing through realm to realm
Leaving and arriving
A violent sadness subsides
  Peace comes slowly, joy infuses its rest
    New growth brings new fruit
      Roots once deep seek new soil
        I can smell it, feel it...
How can pain and joy be friends?
  How can they lift a soul in hands of passion,
    Compassion, old hands, old friends
Does the fruit of life find its ripeness in eternity?
  Does life lost find its completion as it falls to the ground
    New shoots bringing forth a new species
      Tastes unknown, unthought, unbelieved
Age defies, dies and grows
Love draws His own to peace.