Friday, 15 May 2015

I Need You!!

Silent Gays is all I do.

It's my life and passion. 

It's growing steadily and I really want to give the whole thing a massive push. I have the infrastructure in place and the people to help. Its time to get out there and let the world know that there is freedom for LGBT people outside of religious abuse, bigotry and dogma.

Last year I received so much from so many wonderful people to get my book published. It's become an integral part of Silent Gays and sales are slowly growing. Eventually it will hopefully become a steady stream of income. But now I need your help again.

I've just released the audiobook of It's Life Jim... to coincide with this new campaign. I'll also be recording new music and I'm looking at other merchandise. 

I'm also hoping some people who also have the passion for this project will be able to commit to a regular donation. 

I have all the usual bills to cover, including a healthy internet service, and the time is now right to launch a concise, targeted online marketing campaign along with setting up workshops and seminars.

Here's the plan - 

  • Buy my book (in any format, but the audiobook is where I make the most profit)
  • Buy my music (assuming you actually like it, lol)
  • Buy ANYTHING from Amazon through my affiliate link (I get a small commission on all purchases)
  • One off donations (of course)
  • Regular donations (whatever, whenever)

 I want to raise an initial $2000 for a targeted Google AdWords campaign. This will then be assessed and refined as needed for another round of advertising.

This can all be done from the Silent Gays Money! page.

Silent Gays - Money!

I've also partnered with We'll Make Cents who specialise in fundraising at a community level.