Thursday, 10 April 2014

Loving Jesus is so gay!

So we all know Jesus said absolutely nothing about homosexuality (although there is the possibility he was endorsing it with the healing of the centurion's slave and his references to eunuchs - but that's another issue).

I'm wondering about Jesus being the object of our love, our passion. We are encouraged to fall in love with him and there are even sexual overtones to the relationship when we look at the metaphor of the Song of Solomon.

These are traditional christian doctrines, in fact doctrine isn't really the right word. Its a natural reaction to how we perceive his love for us. In fact its the emotion of love directed at God.

This is very real for most christians and extreme in many cases. And its sexless. Well, that's interesting, because I know many guys get a bit creeped out by the concept of falling in love with a another guy. I mean, Jesus is absolutely male, and yet christianity's central beliefs will have us falling in love with him, or at least professing that love. You only have to listen to most of the songs in church these days. There's no beating around the bush with them.

Its just so gay! Oh, well, maybe its sexless rather than gay, but Jesus is NEVER portrayed as anything other than male. So women tend to be more emotionally involved with Jesus, and some guys are just fine and don't think twice about it, and some just don't want to go there.

Sure, there's lots of theology you can throw at it, but we are talking about something pretty basic here. We are so conditioned to just accept this that to question it sounds like you are a pervert or something.

Its just interesting isn't it.