Thursday, 12 September 2013

How to lose half your American friends in one post.

I'm gonna cop it big time for this, but it is something to think about, something to provoke intelligent discussion. Perhaps see a bigger picture.

Very sobering, very tragic, on every level. Horrific waste of life.
Those who died, didn't die heroically or give some ultimate sacrifice.
They just died. And we remember that, purely for what it is.
But lets also remember why terrorism against the west, and the US in particular, is happening.
Its not because Islam wants to convert the world by any means possible.
Its not because they hate everything that is not Islam.
Its not because they are all hate filled murderous unloving devils.
Its because its the only option left to people who have been treated like crap by a nation that thinks its Gods gift to the world.
Sure we don't understand the logic of terrorists, and the insane martyr attitudes, but we do understand blind patriotism that makes no attempt to understand another culture. Don't we?

Please take the time to read this article:

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