Monday, 8 July 2013

New directions

Hi all you rabid fans!!

The last 2 years have been quite a time for me as I find new directions in life. I'm moving back to the big(ish) smoke of Auckland to be closer to the action. Although my ties to the Warkworth area will still be strong.

I'm putting all my efforts now into writing, music and Christian LGBT advocacy. I'm a volunteer worker and on the board of OUTLine NZ, who are very keen for me to work with the LGBT community in areas of spirituality. I have already started a forum/group on this area and loving it. I'll share more of my hopes and dreams soon.

I was hoping that I could raise a little money from my book of poems to help finance my new ventures. That would be nice, but I would rather just put them out there to provide whatever encouragement etc people may get from them (or not) for free, and if people want to donate to what I'm doing, then that's also great.

I've now published Jimzpomez through who have a good promotional network and the options for donations. Here's the link: