Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Scary Now

The changes tear
Eyes squint to strain
Wind spiked tears bleed down cheeks
Salty tracks crack with a smile
To what am I led
   With delightful wisps of promise?
To where am I dragged
   Through gravel loss and sweet meadow gain?

Past chains drop link by link
Yet bruises still grip, rusty skin stains burn.
Face the warming sun, the breeze green grass
This moment, this moment
Is freer than the last, but -
There is no past to compare now
There is no future to despair now
This moment is I am, is who am I?
Is untried baby steps, is floating
Is not-fear, peaceful confusion

An open space, so open
Could I have dreamed?
Am I still hoping, to heal the bruises?
   Scrub the rust from from tender skin?
Nothing is as it was as I thought
And this new light blows
   Through everything
Singing and sighing
Like spring's first blush