Thursday, 21 June 2012

What We All Need

We all need to be loved

Absolutely, every single person ever created needs to be loved -
    • The girl in the call centre who just keeps quoting the fixed responses to you
    • The policeman who just pulled you over for not signalling when you have 3 screaming kids in the car and have just had the worst day of your life
    • The redneck bigot shouting racist abuse in a protest
    • The teenager that just gave you the finger
    • The young black guy that stole your bag
    • The politician that just made the most blatantly stupid policy change the nation has ever seen
    • Your mother in law
    • Hitler

      All they need is love. That's it.

      They don't need to be told how bad they are -
        • How rude
        • How unforgiving
        • How thoughtless
        • How selfish
        • How evil

          They need love.
          I need love.

          I don't respond well when my faults are pointed out - in patronising innuendos.
          Yeah, sometimes I need to be reminded, when I tread on a toe or two. But I need to laugh more than cry, I need love to heal the pain. I need total unconditional love no matter what.

          God IS love. Jesus is what love looked like in the flesh.

          He cleared away ALL laws/religion/sin before the foundation of time - revealed the fact 2000 years ago - and left room for nothing else but love.

          Everything that isn't love can be banished by love.
            • We renew our minds by love
            • Resist evil by love
            • Stand strong in love
            • Relate to all mankind in love

              There is no law, at all, any more, ever.
                • No wisdom principles
                • No guiding morals
                • No 10 commandments
                • No golden rules
                • No 4 spiritual laws
                • No two greatest commandments
                  There is only one thing left: