Monday, 16 January 2012

A quick reflection

Life has been a roller coaster for the last couple of years and I've finally had some time to take stock, sort out new directions, consolidate my beliefs etc.

Many of you probably think I've lost the plot (and you may be right), others have identified with my outspoken views. Thanks to all of you - even those who disagree, because it helps to refine me. 

The loss of my wife (Min), has allowed me to stop enough to assess my own identity again. To look at the things that are my uniqueness - outside of a relationship. The journey into grace and all that entails, is nothing new for me, even though it may seem like that to some. I have always believed the things I now espouse, but never had the time or freedom, at any stage in my life, to examine them closely and explore the truth of these things. So much of my ramblings are processing rather than firm views. I've felt its right to put it out there, as a way to help others on their journey, challenge the status quo, and walk together. 

Those that know me may realise my passion for "the ultimate answer to life the universe and everything" is always pushing me to explore the limits. But no matter how far I go, Jesus is always, always at the centre of it all. I can't get away from that! Without Him it would all be meaningless. My understanding of the depths of His grace really opened up this last year, as the same old scriptures suddenly fell into place, bringing so much into balance and opening the way to the intimacy I always craved. As He revealed more and more of His love to me, the question of how far that love actually goes kept getting more persistent - which is why I began the next step of facing the issue of Universalism. To me, its been the most natural process to realise that His love and the plans for His perfect creation must go hand in hand and that His will, no matter how long and difficult, will ultimately be done. I am now comfortable with the "theology" and feel no need to enter into intense discussion about its biblical basis, although I love discussing anything that glorifies Fathers heart!

The next step seems to be integrating many of the separate streams. There are a lot of variations in the "grace" thing, even to the extent of causing arguments (sigh) and the Universal Reconciliation theme has many variants. But I can see common threads through all this, like joyful glimpses of something just around the bend on a windey road. I shall keep exploring, prayerfully, lovingly, and being totally open with you all in this journey. 

I'll keep throwing my stuff out there for you to get upset about, argue, agree, comment etc, and hopefully we will keep growing together. Most importantly, we should be growing in love. It's more important than correct doctrine. God is Love - everything comes from that!