Sunday, 30 October 2011


Sometimes, day light, every day
Sometimes, night light, every night
Death and taxes, for certain.
The beat runs its own beat
Pulsing its own rhythms
I'm running out of sync, stepping on bar lines
  loosing melody, slipping in harmony
Oh but life-beat is certain, deep-beat pounds
  love-beat at the heart, my heart takes on the heart beat
Internal synchronisation, locked in time codes
  Rhythms fall in surprising places, new rhythms
Is certainty the pulse never ending?
  is certainty the love-beat never ending?
So I run in counter rhythms, counter melodies
  free and in time, just in time, but never late, never early
Certain is the joy, certain is the freedom
  certain is my harmony, perfect harmonies in three parts plus one
dancing and intertwining, moving through and around
    melodies in melodies bouncing from beat to beat
      Oh I'm complete,
        Certainty, sweet certainty.