Saturday, 4 December 2010

Return to Grace

Well, I bit the bullet and finally uploaded the album I did back in 95. Listening to it now makes me cringe, some of the sounds are dated and it waffles on a bit, but then it was made to put on and just chill to. It makes no demands on you and wasn't meant to have catchy melodies. It was just to "meditate" to and hopefully take you to a closer place with Father.

I have never got around to recording newer stuff and spent most of my musical time worship leading, and lately not much of anything. But it's churning around in my head and heart to get back to it and create something far more up to date, unusual, inspiring, risky, soothing and universal, sort of... well, yeah... So as time and resources start to open up you never know what might happen.

I have some old demo suff as well I might put up soon.